Innovation creates the product.
Culture facilitates the success of the product.

Symmetric Value Consulting helps organizations build their end to end Customer Success Strategy in a way that inspires sustainable growth.


Symmetric Value Consulting brings a new approach to your Customer Success Strategy. Building on a set of end to end Customer Service practices and behaviours that focus on the customer’s business outcomes, while accelerating the sales and building customer loyalty.

We will show you how linking your internal processes to your external customer relationships at all levels of the customer’s journey, promotes higher adoption rates and higher Return on Investment.

Why SVC?

Symmetric Value Consulting helps software & technology companies through:

Continuous Innovation & Market Growth

Continuous innovation drives the market forward using transparent roadmaps, customer journey mapping, collaboration investments and customer success management.

Culture Growth

Customer Success is a culture, not a business function. Evolving your internal habits and behaviors will increase engagement, energy, pride and teamwork, allowing for a culture of accelerated and sustainable growth.

Accelerated Sales Growth

Focusing on a high customer value and customer measured return on investment creates customer evangelists that will magnify your reference-ability, expand your market presence and in turn provide a predictable Life Time Value from every customer. The proof is in the results.

Sustainable Value Index™

Our proprietary Sustainable Value Index™ goes well beyond NPS and CSAT to help companies measure the true value of the vendor to customer relationship at all levels.

  • Ed is an expert in developing and implementing Customer Success programs; has deep experience in customer facing tasks and a technical background. Builds Positive relationships; brings enthusiasm and energy. Leans in and helps make things happen. Ed can cross functional lines and drive outcomes with excellent response times; has an amazing work ethic.

    Roger Davis CEO, TELoIP, Inc

Symmetric Value Consulting Process

We don’t change your work process, we change how you use your process to do your work. So within each process, you will have more power and more knowledge to reach or accelerate your goals.

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