We start with employees, then product, then sustainable customer value

What we do

Symmetric Value Consulting helps organizations focus on the key relationships between the core internal business functions and their contribution to the overall Customer Success process.

By engaging with people in your organization and providing them with a path to personal, company and customer’s success is energizing. Harnessing this power to build behaviours and habits is the foundation of a culture that flows through into amazing business outcomes for both you and your customers.

Continuous Innovation & Market Growth

Continuous innovation drives the market forward using transparent technology roadmaps, customer journey mapping, collaboration investments and customer success management.

Growth is fueled by a continuous innovation and delivery cycle which creates incremental product value for customers focused on their desired business outcomes.

Achieving a high synergetic relationships with customers on a sustainable basis is not easy. It requires a good understanding of the customer’s journey, and how the values you bring to them make a difference. Therefore, feedback loops, product and industry awareness, along with high quality product delivery are paramount to give your organization a platform to measure and monitor to ensure sustained growth.

Culture Growth

Customer Success is a culture, not a business function. Evolving your internal habits and behaviors will increase engagement, energy, pride and teamwork, allowing for a culture of accelerated and sustainable growth.

Customer Success is a culture that develops itself as a cohesive community. A community that supports and understands each person’s contributions at all times. Customer Success communities, collaborate, innovate, and drive to produce value for their customers.

Producing value for customers requires that the customer contributes with equal parts to the Customer Success community, therefore the customer needs to collaborate, share and measure their successes, and identify key adaptations or changes required to maximize value of their business outcomes.

Accelerated Sales Growth

Focusing on a high customer value and customer measured return on investment creates customer evangelists that will magnify your reference-ability, expand your market presence and in turn provide a predictable Life Time Value from every customer. The proof is in the results.

Symmetric Value Consulting goes well beyond NPS and CSAT to help companies measure the true value of the vendor to customer relationship. Symmetric Value Consulting helps vendors focus on customer ROI and business outcomes instead of only focusing the the revenue generations related to the LTV (LifeTime Value ) of the customer. Creating a sustainable balance between the ROI and LTV will generate customer loyalty and produce great customer evangelists for your products and services.

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